Modern factory, which produces machining centers and CNC routers

Digima machines are manufactured according to the highest global standards in a specialized manufacturing plant. The structure of machines is welded, annealed, machined and assembled in the same factory, allowing for complete control over the entire production process. In addition to modern production facility Digima has a modern research and development center, which gives the company a top place among manufacturers of advanced CNC routers and CNC machining centers.

Digima CNC Routers from the very beginning of the production process are subjected to rigorous quality control. The production process is based on ISO 9001: 2008.

In the first phase of the production raw steel elements are subjected to annealing to eliminate stress resulting from the manufacturing process of steel.

Welded machine bed is subjected to a vibratory annealed to reduce the stress peaks arising after welding. This treatment is carried out to eliminate undesirable effects, ie. loss of shape and dimensions, cracking. Annealing process is monitored by computer. Steel and welded elements after rigorous inspection are moved to the production lane, where: machining, final assembly and testing takes place.


Mechanical treatment is divided into two stages: roughing-preparatory and finishing. Finishing machining have the largest impact on the accuracy and quality of the router is done on (large size) bulky 5-planar machining centers. Planning and finishing drilling and tapping of mounting holes for fixing mechanical components are performed at one referencing of machine. This method of production ensures a very high repeatability and completely eliminate manufacturing errors, and in particular human errors.


When the machining process is finished an assemby of mechanical and electonical parts takes place.

At the same time as the assembly takes place a quality control procedure, which is normally used in the manufacturing process of metal processing machines. The most important phases of the audit are:

  • Geometry test
  • Accuracy test
  • Work test and final acceptance

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