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Small metal components made by TAKAM vertical machining center

Production of brackets and assemble parts of driving elements on X/Y axes which are plates with strollers on X and Y axes guideways, mounting plate for spindle and components of the tool magazine and its mounting.

Conducted operations: Planning, milling, drilling and tapping.

Router gate – made by gantry machining center – KAFO

Conducted operations:

  • Mechanical treatment: planning, milling, drilling and tapping
  • Heat treatment: annealing to eliminate internal stresses presend in the steel
  • Surface treatment: pickling, phosphating

Machine bed made on large-size gantry machining center – HISION

Conducted operations:

  • Welding
  • Seasoning
  • Vibration annealing to eliminate streses made by welding
  • Mechanical treatment of surface – preparing to assemble the guideways
  • Mechanical treatment – preparing to assemble the pinion racks
  • Mechanical treatment of holes – drilling and threading

Vaccuum table with T-slots

Multisection raster table made of special high density material. Such table gives possibility of numerous applications and it’s safe for fixing different shapes and types of materials.1. Machine bed made on large-size gantry machining center – HISION

Transmission – front-wheel system

Use of planetary gear made by Japanese SHIMPO, as a connecting element between axle drive with the gear provides high dynamics, precision transmission and excellent leveling noise unlike to belt drives.

Movement in X/Y/Z axes

In all axes are used THK guideways, as a self-lubricating and maintenance-free solution with a manufacturer's warranty for the 5000km distance.

Control System

OSAI control system allows for easy use of additional drilling units localized at the main spindle. High-class electrical components from Schneider Electric.

Transmission – after-wheel system

Use slanting toothed bars made by WMH HERION provides optimal catching which gives smooth, quiet work and high dynamic of transmission.

Additional drilling head

Such solution greatly increases productivity of machine through the use of additional, independently working aggregates for horizontal and vertical drilling and for a saw.