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SURFCAM 2-axis

SURFCAM 2-axis is reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution CAM, which may be reinforced with a patented TrueMill technology.

2-Axis Product Highlights:

  • Rough and finish cavities with multiple island heights and tapered side walls.
  • Advanced strategies for face, groove, contour, corner round and chamfer milling.
  • Support for 4- and 5-Axis rotary indexing.
  • Rest Machine will detect and machine areas left by the previous tool.
  • Powerful multi-tool hole processing with intelligent pattern sorting.
  • Tapered thread milling with helical entry/exit.

SURFCAM 3-axis

SURFCAM delivers efficient and reliable 3-Axis toolpath on the most complex geometry. 3-Axis high speed machining strategies feature fast processing, minimal rapid motions, tapered tool support and excellent surface finish.

3-Axis Product Highlights:

  • High-Speed optimized finishing strategies feature smooth, fluid toolpath.
  • Fast processing using powerful algorithms and multiple processors provides short calculation times.
  • 3D Offset provides superior surface finish regardless of the part shape.
  • Steep/Shallow intelligently adjusts the toolpath style based on the slope of the part.
  • Pencil Cut is designed to clean up the fillets and produce an excellent surface finish by allowing multiple offset passes along the fillets.
  • Rest Machine automatically calculates material left by the previous tool and generates path to remove only that excess material.
  • Full gouge protection along with powerful toolpath containment, provides precise tool control.


TRUEMILL is a patented 2 & 3 Axis toolpath that controls the tool’s engagement with the material to deliver faster and deeper cutting to achieve the highest material removal rates - in all materials & geometries.

TRUEMill Benefits:

  • Increased Material Removal Rates up to 5x
  • Reduced Cycle Times up to 80%
  • Increased Tool Life up to 10x

Patented controlled Tool Engagement means:

  • Constant Tool Engagement
  • Constant Chip Thickness
  • Constant Feed Rate
  • Constant Tool Load
  • Constant Material Removal Rate
  • Ability to cut into sharp corners

SURFCAM 4/5-axis

SURFCAM’S 4/5-Axis system offers true simultaneous multi-axis machining providing the programmer precise control over tool motion in the most challenging situations.

4/5-Axis Product Highlights:

  • Multi-surface 4/5-Axis machining that supports all standard tools.
  • Three types of rapid areas, cylinder, plane and sphere are now available.
  • Advanced vector control with the ability to lock or limit tool planes.
  • Independent control of how surface gaps and edges are handled, including seven new lead-in/lead out strategies.
  • Multi-axis gouge checking offers control of drive surfaces as well as the ability to select up to four separate check surface groups.
  • Enhanced swarf cutting provides complete tool axis control and now fully supports the use of tapered tools.
  • Enhanced swarf cutting provides complete tool axis control and now fully supports the use of tapered tools.• Enhanced swarf cutting provides complete tool axis control and now fully supports the use of tapered tools.

Toolpath Verification

SURFCAM uses world class technology to provide unsurpassed validation, speed and accuracy.

Toolpath Verification Highlights:

  • Compare verification results against the current part model.
  • Section the part after verification for detailed analysis.
  • Provides automatic collision detection with stock or fixtures.
  • Dynamically inspect the part to determine finished dimensions.
  • Display real-time, scrolling tool coordinates during verification.
  • Contains many powerful tools to help ensure program accuracy.